The Mondays Are The Busiest Band On Long Island

The Mondays, an alternative rock band who we have been podcasting for over 2 years now, will be busy this weekend playing four gigs in two days. Thanks in part to their new airplay on Q104 (104.3 FM), Ken Carmen’s exact words to me yesterday that “the phone never stops ringing now”. And why should it? This is one talented band.

The Following is the amazing itenary coming up for the band this weekend:

  • Fri 5/16 Fisherman Quarter at 9:00 in Hampton Bays with special guest John Alberti
  • Sat 5/17 Central Park South NY City at the Healthy Kidney Martathon Finish Line at 8:30 AM. This band is certainly worth getting up for.
  • West Nyack, NY at 2:30 at Palisades Mall held by the Q104 Nascar event
  • Sunday at Murray Hill festval on 35th street at 5:30 PM 
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Friday, August 8, 2008


Every once in a while, you come across a record destined to sweep the independent music world. This is one of those times. Ladies and Gentleman, The Mondays! Listen to what we have here! Fun! Fun! Fun! 12 pop rock tracks hitting you, song after song, with radio friendly chart stoppers. Folks, this CD is a blast! The opening track, Best Days, has that radio ready, mid tempo rhythm, with a chorus that packs a real hard punch. It's bright, fun, and extremely energetic. Now and Then, is upbeat, with catchy phrasing that has that "drive to the beach with the top down" feel. Anyone Like Me, is an edgy rock track, that grabs you right from the opening chord. Along with nine other stellar tracks, this makes up the group's second release, Storyteller, which is one of the best albums to pass through here in a long time. Incidentally, you can catch these guys live at a venue near you. But, don't just take my word for it. Pick up Storyteller, released on Harborgate Records, found, pretty much, anywhere music is sold. You can check out the band on their website or on their MySpace page at

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The Mondays *On The Rise*

Harborgate recording artists, The Mondays, have been busy supporting their latest release, Storyteller, hitting stage after stage, throughout the Northeast area. They have received nationwide airplay with their latest track, Anyone Like Me , since it was the featured song in the 2008 movie, Pretty In Red. These pop rock pioneers have been churning out radio friendly songs for well over a decade now, with no sign of letting up anytime soon. They originally broke out onto the indie scene back in the late 90's with their debut self-titled release, which contains the two singles, Time & Alone. Since then, they have shared the stage with some of rocks most well-known acts, such as Cheap Trick, Vince Neil, Cinderella, Warrant, Slaughter, Firehouse, Twisted Sister, and Ace Frehley playing for sold out audiences. Catch these guys if you have the opportunity. Lotta fun!


The Mondays - Shadfest 1 pm SATURDAY

Ken Carmen … Keys, Lead Vocals
Don Cook … Bass, Vocals
Kevin Gonzalez … Drums, Vocals
John Aita...Guitar, Vocals

The Mondays are an original pop rock band out of the NYC area. Their catchy, radio friendly style has won fans and friends throughout the entire northeast. They are repeat performers at the Shad Fest Festival year after year. They delight audiences wherever they play and are a must for the festival circuit.  Find out more about the Mondays on their website here.

The Mondays

The Mondays

The Mondays are a band that performs many shows in Nassau County. The band is signed with Harborgate Records. They can be described as a pop rock band who just released their highly anticipated second album, Storyteller. The album is 12 energy-fueled tracks with a modern twist put on classic tracks. Visit their website for songs like Now and Then and Best Days.

The 4-piece band consists of Ken Carmen on lead vocals and keyboards, Kev Gonzalez on drums, Don Cook who plays bass and also sings, and John Aita on guitar. The band has had quite a bit of success with TV appearances on the NBC show “Star Tomorrow” plus the song "Anyone Like Me" was featured in the film "Pretty In Red".

The Mondays are an Indie rock band with the likeness of Good Charlotte with hints of punk rock from Green Day.



Hauppauge Band Set to Promote Second Album

Acclaimed independent band, The Mondays, plans to pack venues and festivals this fall.

By Sara Walsh | Email the author | September 28, 2010


One of Hauppauge's top bands, The Mondays, are headed back on the road, this time to promote its latest studio album.

Led by Hauppauge resident Ken Carmen, pop rock group The Mondays has planned a host of performances close to home with their second CD due out next fall.

For example, Oct. 8, The Mondays will perform three sets at Main Street in Kings Park. They'll follow up with a performance at Babylon's Fall Harvest Festival on Oct. 9.

"Anyone who sees our live shows says it looks like you guys are having a blast up there, and I guess that's what its all about," Carmen said.

The upcoming performance will feature songs off their third album, Cherry Bomb, due out next fall such as "Now That You're Gone." Taking inspiration from Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20, Green Day and The Fray, the song talks about an individual struggling with divorce and life's problems.

"We're not trying to re-invent the wheel and we try not to take ourselves too seriously," said guitarist John Aita, of Great Neck. "It's about something you can hum while creating a baloney sandwich. It's fun, its up-tempo. It's power pop."

Lead singer and keyboardist Carmen, spends time writing songs and rehearsing for his next performance.

The current incarnation of The Mondays was formed in 2005. Carmen said he was looking to share his music and message with a larger audience and not to become another cover band. He and bassist/vocalist Don Cook were working on songs together at the time.

"It's hard to find people who are willing to play independent music regionally," the singer said.

Aita said he responded to a Craigslist ad and after a 45-minute jam session, was instantly adopted as a member. He brought drummer/vocalist Kevin Gonzalez from a former Long Island group named Pipedream to a new band.

After only three studio rehearsals, The Mondays recorded their second album Storyteller, Aita said. It contains songs including "Now and Then" and "Anyone Like Me," which were featured in the movie "Pretty in Red." Approximately 6,000 CDs were pressed before they hit the road.

The Mondays have toured in 11 states over the past two years, playing major cities including Philadelphia, Chicago, Boston and of course, New York City. The group appeared on the NBC reality show "Star Tomorrow" before auditioning for the 2009 season of America's Got Talent.

"They didn't know what to do with us. Some judges wanted to put us through".

As for the group's name, it came from the road.

"I was driving down Route 106/107 in Hicksville and I saw a sign there that says 'Sundays Only'," Carmen said. "So I thought 'The Sundays' but some people thought it was too sweet, like ice cream sundaes. So I said, 'The Mondays' and there was silence."


Hauppauge Patch 
Hauppauge Band Plays For New York City's Half Marathon

The Monday's performed live during the New York City Half Marathon on Sunday.

Runners taking to the streets for New York City on Sunday were entertained by a Hauppauge Band, who had their own marathon before them.  

The Mondays, lead by lead singer and Hauppauge resident Ken Carmen, performed live at the New York City's Half Marathon on Sunday. They performed latest hits from their album "Storyteller" and offered words of encouragement to runners along the 13-mile route. 

Carmen said Sunday marked  The Mondays's fifth performance at New York City's Half Marathon, but this year's weather as particularly brutal with temperatures plunging from the 70s on Saturday to low 30s Sunday morning. 

"To do an over two-hour set in that kind of weather, we've never had to do it before. It was rough," he said, considering their marathon performance. "Then you look at them, and they're running in shorts." 

The Mondays had to pack their gear on Long Island in the early hours of the morning to arrive in New York City before 7 a.m. in order to perform. 

"We have to get in there super early before New York Police Department starts to block the roads, that way it's easier for them," Carmen said. 

The band set up at the intersection of West 40th St. and 12th Avenue, near the 10-mile marker of the race. Iconic symbols of New York City flanked the band's impromptu stage, Carmen said with the Javitz Center close on one side and the U.S.S. Intrepid the other. 

New York City's Half Marathon has created a specialty banner for The Mondays. It was a gift and gesture of their appreciate for the band's agreement to play the race each of the past five yars. It's become a gathering point for local fans. 

The Hauppauge singer and his band's return was a welcome sight based on reaction from the crowds. 

"It was great, especially with runners coming up to high-five you and say thank you to you," Carmen said. 

The Mondays is also scheduled to perform  at the New York City Marathon later this year. The group plans to gives back to the community and shares its music by performing at the New York City Half Marathon and Marathon and other races through out the year, Carmen said. 

The Mondays Featured In Delaware Drama Production

The Mondays performed live in the Delcastle Technical School’s production of “Lord What Fools” this past weekend.

By Sara Walsh | Email the author | April 20, 2011

Hauppauge rock band The Mondays took their act on the road to perform live in Delcastle Technical School’s production of “Lord What Fools,” from April 15 to April 17 in Wilmington, Del.

Lead singer Ken Carmen said it was the band’s first time playing in a theatrical production, and that the school added a third show last minute to accommodate local demand.

“The live music stretched out parts of the play, and added an enormous amount of fun and a deeper connection that the school audience appreciated,” said David Pody, the drama advisor for Delcastle Technical School.

Pody wrote "Lord What Fools” more than 20 years ago, adapting Shakespeare’s "A Midsummer's Night Dream" for modern teenagers by changing the setting to a school dance. For years, the theater director said he has used recorded snippets of pop music before hearing The Mondays’ work through a fellow teacher.

“The live music was terrific, not only what we planned, but, the little bits the musicians came up with as they watched the rehearsal. They added sound effects, rifts, and rim shots,” Pody said.

The Mondays performed songs from their album “Storyteller” including “Believe,” “Follow,” “Best Days,” “The Way It Goes,” "Alone", and “Now And Then” from a custom-built side stage. The songs converted the play, formerly a drama, into a pop rock musical.

But it was a challenge for the band to make the switch from playing a live concert to a theater show, according to Carmen.

“We were up late in the hotel, writing cheat sheets so we would remember our cues,” he said. “The music had to be there for the actors, so there was a bit of pressure on us.”

Delcastle students recognized each member of the band with a trophy for their participation, and Carmen said he has put his trophy on display above his fireplace.

“It’s a shame other bands don’t get to experience something like this,” Carmen said.

Both The Mondays and Pody said they would be open to future collaborations.

The Mondays:  The Mondays are a Long Island based band of four, playing what can best be described as power punk rock and roll. What does that mean? How about the catchy sounds of The Beatles, Green Day, The Ramones, or Gin Blossoms. You will be singing along to their upbeat melodies and dancing to the rhythm with this fun group. The Mondays play events in the greater New York City area and this year, include The New York Sate Fair in Syracuse, NY, while also cranking out tunes on the route of the NYC Marathon in November. We will welcome the band to the Cream Cheese Festival for the first time and they will be on the stage at approximately 4:30 PM. Find more info about the band at

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 Long Island Band, The Mondays, Giving Back to the Community through Their Music 

  Recently Played at LIFE’s WORC’s Building for Their Tomorrow Walk Garden City, NY…
    There’s a saying that behind every great musician is a good soul. That surely applies to members of The Mondays, a Long Island band that performs throughout the region and often for good causes. These Harborgate Records recording artists recently performed at the first annual walkathon for Life’s WORC , a private, not-for-profit organization providing comprehensive support for individuals with developmental disabilities.
   Life’s WORC’s “Building for Their Tomorrow Walk,” which took place Eisenhower Park in East Meadow, NY, was a perfect venue for The Mondays which includes: Ken Carmen of Hauppauge on lead vocals and keyboard, Don Cook of Manorville on bass and vocals, John Aita of Great Neck on guitar and vocals, and Tony Castelli of Smithtown on drums and vocals. The band, whose third album, “Cherry Bomb,” (following “The Mondays,” and “Storyteller”), will drop around the holidays, regularly performs at nonprofit events ranging from the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life and Making Strides Against Breast Cancer to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Light the Night Walk and Shaking Baby Syndrome fundraisers. The band averages around eight events a year, but that number is increasing.
   “We believe that it is important to lend a hand and help raise awareness and funds for organizations filling a vital need for the community,” said Carmen, the only original member from The Mondays, which released its first album in 1997. “We never say no to a charity event.” For Carmen and other band members, there is often a personal connection as in the case of nonprofits dedicated to finding a cure for pancreatic cancer which took his father’s life.  When they are not playing for charity, The Mondays can be seen performing across the nation from New York, Boston and Philadelphia, to Chicago and West Virginia. They’ve played diverse venues from Toad’s Place in New Haven, CT and The Strand Theatre in Providence, RI to the Montauk Music Festival, Strawberry Fields Festival in Mattituck, New York State Fair in Syracuse, Arena Football Stadium in Albany, NASCAR event in West Nyack, NY, music festival in West Virginia and the ING New York City Marathon, for which they’ve played in previous years and again this year. 
The Mondays are having their share of success. They have appeared on the NBC show, “Star Tomorrow” and their song, “Anyone Like Me” was featured in the motion picture, “Pretty in Red.” Their songs also were featured and performed in a theatre production, “Lord What Fools” in 2011 and in 2012, songs will be specifically written and performed for, “Kristal Dreams,” a Delcastle Technical School (Wilmington, Delaware) theater production produced by David Pody.
The reviews for The Mondays’ music are routinely strong with accolades such as “a power-popped rock band from the heart of NYC” to “a 12-track power pop extravaganza drenched with echoes of the past whilst keeping a raw modern edge,…” from Mod Radio in the UK’s Buster. CL from Entertainment Weekly called The Mondays “a good pop-punk band at the head of the power-punk class” and noted the influences of rock legends the Beatles, Ramones, Sex Pistols, Gin Blossoms and notably, Green Day. (The Mondays’ band members would note their musical influences as including Green Day, Rob Thomas, John Shanks, Jim Blossom, Counting Crows, Foo Fighters and Oasis, among others.) The band has opened for many national/international acts including Cheap Trick, Cinderella, Vince Neil, Slaughter, Warrant, Ace Frehley, Firehouse, Joe Lynn Turner, Dee Snyder, Trixter and Kix.  However, for this indie pop rock alternative band, giving back to the community is as much a part of their success equation as their increasing bookings and critical acclaim.
What’s next for The Mondays? Like many of today’s top recording artists, their CDs are available on iTunes at: Carmen solo CD, “Angry on A Tin Roof,” which was released on Memorial Day Weekend 2011, is now available wherever music is sold, including iTunes and Rhapsody.
What’s likely not to change following new releases and growing success is The Mondays’ continued commitment to the community.  Look for The Mondays in your community and on iTunes.

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‘The Mondays’ to perform at Westborough’s Bay State Green July 22

Westborough – “The Mondays” will be performing in concert Sunday, July 22 from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. at the Bay State Green, 110 Union St.

The concert is presented as part of the inaugural series, “Summer Concerts in the Park.” Hundreds of residents attended the first two events at the venue.

The Mondays are described as a mix of rock and alternative with “catchy pop hooks blending with up-tempo drum beats and melodic keyboards that just won’t escape your head!”  The band hails from New York City and released their second album, “Storyteller” on Harborgate Records, with the third album, "Cherry Bomb", on the way.

Seating at the venue is on the lawn – concert goers are encouraged to bring a blanket or lawn chair, bubbles, a picnic spread or to purchase take-out at one of the local restaurants.

The concerts are free to the public, however it is suggested that attendees consider making a small donation. Doing so will automatically enter them into a raffle to receive gift certificates to local restaurants and shops.

                              -Westborough Community Advocate