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New York seems to be going through a musical renaissance at present and here is it`s latest protege, The Mondays, a power popped rock band from the heart of NYC. This is their long awaited second album, Storyteller, released by Harborgate Records. A 12 track power pop extravaganza drenched with echoes of the past whilst keeping a raw modern edge, and that`s just the way we like it!
This 4 piece combo are, Ken Carmen on Vocals & Keys, Kev Gonzalez on Percussion, Don Cook on Bass & Backing Vocals & John Aita on Guitars. Packing a punch, The Mondays, have been touring up and down the USA as well as appearing on TV, on NBC`s "Star Tomorrow" show. According to their promo pack, "Their live shows are legendary for being the most fun you can have with your clothes on!", all righty then lets have it!
Starting off this funfest is the track, "Best Days", fantastic opener, in fact, this tune went straight into our top 20 after only one day on the stream, "Now & Then", catchy tune indeed, I keep thinking I`ve heard this on a film somehow, "Anyone Like Me", Green Day influenced punkier side of Indie, "No Better", another bouncy catchy sunshine power popper, "When I Think About You", is this Good Charlotte?, "Time", guitar heaven pure US indie rock, "Believe", great track, jangly guitar work and rhythmic vocals by Carmen & Cook, certainally my pick on the bunch, "Alone", half way through the CD and I`ve become a Mondays fan! outstanding!, "Follow", more Indiness from the guys, nice tune, "The Way It Goes", more punk influnced powerpop, think Lurkers cum Buzzcocks, "Time of Your Life", can`t help but think of Secret Affair punk`d & last but not least it`s, "Without You", Guitar Riffs aplenty, bouncy, catchy, yes ladies & gentlemen, The Mondays are here! take a bow Carmen & Co.
Wow! I`m really lost for words, 12 sharp shocks packed into this CD, think of Bowling For Soup or Good Charlotte mixed with a hint of punkiness from the likes of Green Day & The Buzcocks. Expect to hear more from these guys in the near future as this CD`s a monster! A surefire hit with the Indie crowd! and I tell you now, these guys would go down a storm over here in the UK.
What a great start to the New Year, reviewing this CD, it`s so good I implore you to get a copy now!

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                 Mod Radio U.K.

The Mondays are a good pop-punk band. The music on "STORYTELLER" is filled with waves of 3 and 4 chord pop-punk rockers strung together in a manner that puts emphasis on every bar chord and catchy chorus. This formula works. The Mondays are at the head of the power-punk class.
All of the songs on the "STORYTELLER" disc have catchy reference points. Even in the distortion based din of some of the material, the lessons of listening to the Beatles, Ramones, Sex Pistols, Gin Blossoms, and Green Day is apparent. Tunes like "Now And Then" and "No Better" reflect this alchemy of styles. "Anyone Like Me" is a hook-filled song with a solid beat and effective Green Day like vocal phrasing.
Ken Carmen (Lead Vocals, Keyboards), Don Cook (Bass), John Aita (Guitar), and Kevin Gonzalez (Drums), all exhibit the musical chops to bring their Beatles meets the Ramones meets Green Day style to a wider audience.
The material is arranged in a radio-friendly manner. Harmonies are very nice, and give The Mondays a stylistic touch that is unique to them. The Mondays understand that to write a catchy tune you need some life experience, sensitivity, and effective communication skills.
                                                                                                                        - CL Entertainment Weekly

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With The Mondays from New York

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Podcasting just seems to be a natural when it comes to promoting musicians and bands. When I first started the Long Island Podcast Network (, I put out a couple of CraigsList ads and Ken Carmen from The Mondays was one of the first people to respond. Ken did not know anything about podcasting yet, but his attitude was that you need to be everywhere in order to get your name our there and I agree. Today, The Mondays are one of the most played bands on our podcast network.

So, who are The Mondays and should YOU play them on your podcast? This band sports pop alternative and as Lead Singer/Keyboardist Ken Carmen likes to say, their music is something anybody can dance to at a party, but can also relax to. The Mondays’ music is something similar to Green Day or The Ramones. They have opened such national acts as Cheap Trick, Cinderella, Vince Neil, Slaughter, Warrant, Ace Frehley, Firehouse, Joe Lynn Turner, Dee Snyder, Trixter, and Kix. 

“The minute I got the phone call from Bruce C from The Long Island Podcast Network, I have been podcasted several times, and even had an appearance in Newsday, receiving several calls that day, November 30th, 2006, about it when the article released”, says Ken Carmen, lead singer, keyboardist, and songwriter of the Mondays. “It has been fun. As a member of a Northeast Independent pop rock quartet, The Mondays, podcasting has been a very good friend to me. As an artist, you appreciate any opportunity and exposure that comes your way. It can get rough out there! Since Steve Jobs released the Ipod, the entire industry went through some changes. We have received Emails from people who enjoyed our podcasts, and have noticed a significant increase in both physical and digital sales. While podcasting, I feel, is still somewhat in the embryonic stages, it will continue to grow, becoming a viable way to successfully promote your material and gain some exposure. It is technology at work, giving you some more creative ways to reach listeners, potential fans, in a way that was once not available to you. Something I recommend highly, especially, if you are looking to take your situation to the next level.”

The song Time or Alone are what I play often on my podcast shows, but the whole album Storyteller is excellent. You can purchase this album on their web site, which at the time of this writing is selling for $6.00 USD. You can sample their music on their Myspace page at - Although, The Mondays are not currently listed on any podsafe music site, we have played them and they have been nothing but appreciative to us.

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Yeah, yeah.. This radio show gets posted on a Monday, they're called The Mondays and yes I'm going for the obvious upshot to start talking about this band.... What better way to start your week? But you know, it's actually true with these guys. I've always loved bands that aren't afraid to write catchy assed melodies. I know that you sort of worry about straying too close to cliche, but sometimes, that's where your brillance is found. It's certainly the case with these guys. High quality tracks that you'll be singing all week long. 
                                                                                                                                       -Path Radio Show


The Mondays
April 13, 2009
mondays_imgThe songs take simplicity to the extreme. People who are of the belief that you have to play technical mastery may be jealous that they are gigging, while Joe Shredder sits home practicing his scales.The acid test is in their songs. Listen to any one of the Mondays songs, and then walk away. Odds are you’ll be singing the song for a while. There is a stickiness to their brand of pop.

In the mold of Green Day, The Ramones and The Clash, The Mondays are a power punk-pop  quartet. Their fans don’t care what modes you can play in. They ask for a beat and a melody they can hold on to. The Mondays give them that.

There is an audience and a market for The Mondays, despite what the angry technoid-competition bent mob may spew. Success depends a lot on what your goals are. The Mondays strike me as far beyond that and can be very successful. If their goal is to have some fun playing to audiences that appreciate their music, they’re successful.

                                                                                                          -Minddog Music

                       Home is where the podcast is

From his basement, Glen Cove man makes downloads music to his listeners' ears

Newsday Staff Writer

November 30, 2006

Ken Carmen of the Hauppauge-based rock band The Mondays didn't know much about podcasting when he was first approached by Bruce Chambers, founder of the Long Island Podcast Network, and asked to submit the band's music for a podcast premiere.

But it didn't take him long to find out.

"I started to learn that it works with the Internet, and it's like a radio station you download," Carmen, the group's lead singer, recalls. "We started seeing people from Austin, Texas, and other places buying our CD online, and I'd wonder, 'How in the world did you find us?'"

Chambers, though, was hardly surprised. Nearly a year after the 40-year-old contract Web developer founded the network (, Chambers says his pet project has not only exceeded his expectations, but also those of the bands that have appeared on the network's flagship show, "The Fresh Music Series.",0,6681539,print.story


The Mondays: Self titled: 13 song CD: Harborgate Records
   We have some good stuff here, the musicians on this CD are very
well rehearsed. The songs are very singable and most are really good.
I was reminded of Collective Soul when I heard them. Not that they
sound like them, (although there are tinges of similarities) but when
you play them the second time you're singing along. The songs are
very user friendly. The second song "What I Want" has an uncanny
resemblance to the Gin Blossoms' song "Jealousy". The whole sound
is similar to the Gin Blossoms. Song six "Neurotic" really kicks some
Pop music ass especially the lead guitar. If you like either of the two
bands I mentioned then you'll probably like The Mondays. I think
they can give most pop bands a run for their money!

                                                                    -REALTIME RECORDS

The Mondays, with their debut release on Harborgate Records. The radio friendly, modern rock sound, instantly hit the airwaves of radio stations all across the country with their two singles, "Time", and "Alone". The band has opened for artists, such as Cheap Trick, Cinderella, Vince Neil, Slaughter, Warrant, Ace Frehley, Firehouse, Joe Lynn Turner, Dee Snyder, Trixter, Kix, etc.  ..more


The Mondays are similar to bands like Green Day, U2, and in some respects, Billy Joel. Their music is upbeat alternative tracks that you can move to, or as frontman Ken Carmen puts it, you can relax to.
Storyteller is the second release from the band and they are currently touring all over the US.
Check out the single "Time" from the CD Storyteller and you will see that The Mondays are definitely worth a buy.


The Mondays
From: Hauppauge
Genre: Alternative
Web Site:

About This Long Island Artist
The Mondays are cool rock similar to the popular bands of the 90's Alternative era, sort of what you would hear on WLIR. Great leads and subtle vocals gives the Monday's their unique sounds. Any day of the week, they sound good on the LI Podcast shows.

                                                                            -LONG ISLAND PODCAST NETWORK


The Mondays

 The Mondays  Harborgate

Back in the early 8O’s, WRHU (Hofstra’s Radio Station) used to have a nightly show called Rave Up. There was a different host every night, but what was consistent was that they played a selection of songs that would have you dancing up the walls of your home, across your cat and through the picture window from the sheer, relentless adrenaline of the artists and tracks that they played. It was everything from classic artists like Eddie Cochran and The Rolling Stones to artists of the time, people like Adam Ant, The Stray Cats and The Ramones. It was raucous, make-no-apologies, upbeat rock and roll meets “new wave” and it was pure fun. The Mondays would’ve fit in perfectly. It’s important to stress that The Mondays, LI. group with a self-titled gem of a rock and roll album recently released are NOT a retro sounding band. What they do is get ya movin’ with fundamentally strong rock and roll (Or do they call that alternative now?) and leave you with songs that will make you feel breathless and alive head to toe when you’re done with this 13 song experience. Songs such as "Neurotic", "The Way It Goes” and "Time” will get your heart racing, while other tracks like “Going Blind” and “Letters in June” show some sensitivity in the lyrical base. The songs are hooky and passionate, the recording itself is stainlessly pro all the way. This is a good time party album with just enough emotional depth to give this band a very bright long-term future. If you haven’t happened upon The Mondays yet, happen soon. This is one of the top ten albums I’ve heard all year, it’s fun and it’s potent and it’s everything rock and roll used to know, like back in the early 80’s when artists got popular for making you feel better instead of making you want to run the car with the garage door closed. Rave Up would’ve had these guys in regular rotation. Bradley Riggs




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Mondays will never be the same!
Reviewer: Alex (Lake Ronkonkama, NY) - See all my reviews
From the first time that I hit play on this CD, every song on this album was extremely impressionable. The songs "Time" and "What I Want" remind me of the party rock bands of the 80's. "No Tomorrow" is a great song that has an excellent and unique sound. Every song on this disc has a personality of its own. It is something that is most definitely not boring. Don't take my word for it, buy this CD, it's worth the money! Enjoy!

The Mondays are what I expect from New York Rock N Roll !!
Reviewer: A fan
The Mondays self titled CD is one of the better collection of songs I have heard in some time. "Alone" is destined to be a favorite in the pop radio arena.


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Angel of Mirus (14 Jun 2008 06:54 PM)
These guys have that little special thing that make you Great. You have to listen to them. Awesome




13-Song Self-Titled CD

Harborgate Records

Local faves, The Mondays, have a CD out, and catchy pop hooks blending with up-tempo drum beats and melodic keyboards that just won't escape your head, once you give it a listen. The Mondays pack 13 memorable pop-punk ditties onto one very impressive CD, that any record exec would love. The hooks are there, the beats are solid, the harmonies are money, and the band covers just about every territory that pop-radio has ever embraced. "Letters In June" is a Beatle-esque ballad with brilliant harmonies, "Neurotic" is a pop-punk, alternative, radio-friendly tune via Green Day, or The Offspring, and every other song has a pleasant chorus that everyone within earshot will hum along to, like it or not. These guys are always playing somewhere, so check the listings, pick up the disc anywhere music is sold. Or, contact the band @ Harborgate Records, PO Box 5372, Hauppauge, NY 11788. Or, @ the website,





The Mondays, aggressive without being mean spirted-this power pop quartet at times sound like The Sex Pistols, than The Monroes. Somewhere on the rock and roll map between Green Day and The Ramones. Their sound is extremely easy to listen to, but, uniquely, their own. Opening with "The Way It Goes", it sets a solid and booming back beat that leads itself nicely into "Never Tell". And, they are, incidentally, the last two songs on The Mondays self-titled CD on Harborgate Records. "What I Want" and "No Tomorrow" convey anger, sadness, and the sense of redemption. "Follow" and "Time" filled out most of the middle of the set. They are a solid foursome. There's not one band out there that works harder than The Mondays. They are consummate professionals and promote a clean and wholesome image. Catch them if you can. Check your listings, they are always playing somewhere. Or, you can find their CD on Harborgate Records, wherever music is sold.

                                                                              -V.J. Calone



New Hyde Park

With a steady supply of Punk-Pop energy and catchy verse-chorus-verse song structures, local band, The Mondays, pleased the crowd gathered at Club NCI. The Mondays displayed lots of talent and energy, with harmonies that show potential for greater things to come in their future.

                                                                                                      -The Island Ear

The Mondays

We have been playing The Mondays since January 2006 and their music is cool for alternative rock fans. The Mondays like to make party music similar to Green Day, Ramones, and The Sex Pistols. You can see The Mondays perform all over the country as they have performed in Chicago, Philadelphia, New York City, Boston, and more. Their tours are self funded and they have played at major events including the NY City Marathon in August 2006, 2007, and 2008. The Mondays are also a frequently podcasted band as well, and their latest CD, "Storyteller", has great tunes including "Time" and "Alone", two show stoppers at multi band bills. Check them out

                                                                                                                                               -Wordpress Music Reviews

THE MONDAYS    Here's an oddity-an original band playing at LI's largest coverband haven. The Mondays are trippy, distortion loving alt-poppers with an 80's new wave vocal slant. Their eponymous debut album is awaiting a play in your discman. 10pm, Mulcahys. -ID 

The Mondays helped the Long Island Podcast Network kick off the 2007 segment of Long Island Podcast Network early on Sunday, December 3 in Glen Cove, NY at the Livin’ Room Lounge. The Mondays have been a supporting band of the Long Island Podcast Network since the beginning and were played on early shows of the Fresh Music Series.

 Members Ken, John, Kevin, and Don rocked the house with songs from their new CD “Storyteller”. This was the first live music gig at the Livin’ Room in a while. Long Island Podcast Network’s Bruce Chambers is now working with the Livin’ Room’s Annisa Watts. Bruce Chambers was asked by the Mondays’ Ken Carmen to join them on stage for a few songs. Bruce ended up playing on eight songs from the new album Storyteller. John from JL Video Productions was there to get it all on digital video to release this as a video podcast both on the LI Podcast Network and on